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Requirements to Candidates

  • Knowledge of English language: requirements differ depending on vacancy, for example, for work in department Front Office Advanced English is required, and for work in department F&B requirements to language are much lower, Intermediate English is sufficient;
  • age under 35 years (it is optimally under 30). Applicants, who are older than 30-35 years can aspire to the employment in the United Arab Emirates only if they have certain work experience (a cook, a baker, instructors,  restaurant manager etc.);
  • presentable appearance;
  • work experience: on some positions is precondition (reception, a barman, a concierge, a cook etc.). Without experience it is possible to aspire to the vacancies in F&B department (waiter assistants, waiters, hostess, doormen, porters, housekeepers, bellmen etc.). ADVICE: if you have no experience, vacancies in department F&B should be regarded as a GOOD START, but not as a work for whole life, since the majority of hotels with which we cooperate, give training possibility on various positions, i.e., working as the waiter, you can undergo training on a reception and in time you can fill this vacancy. Initially aspiring to the reception or front office, without having experience, in 99.99 % you will be refused.
  • possibility of coming to a workplace during one month after passing interview;
  • international passport availability.

Important! Employers in the United Arab Emirates choose candidates very carefully and, in spite of a large quantity of vacancies, not everybody passes selection, therefore it is very important to prepare a set of documents correctly. You can find out pieces of advice  about preparation of documents for work in the United Arab Emirates in section “Preparation of documents and photos”.

It is necessary to pay special attention to:

  • Desirable position: it is necessary to appraise impartially the chances. It is of little importance for employers, that the candidate has graduated from the university with in a specialty "Turbine building" or other similar achievements of which many candidates are proud. Criteria of selection: experience, appearance, knowledge of foreign languages. If you have doubts about choosing a vacancy, contact us for consultation.
  • Desirable salary: it should correspond to reality. You can find out the wages on our website in section “Open vacancies”. It makes no sense to send documents to the UAE with requests about higher wages, than it is stated in a certain position. The wage level depends on vacancy, your qualification and will total from 350 to 1000$ basic. Also many vacancies provide tips or % from sales. Career growth, and also increment in salary are possible in the United Arab Emirates in process of experience gaining.
  • Photos: extremely important what photos are presented in the APPLICATION FORM. Be not too lazy to make photos specially for job search, visit photo studio or make photos in high quality at home, don't forget to smile. You can find out the examples of photos in section “Preparation of documents and photos”.