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Оur projects

Program Stages

Step 1. Decision to get a job in the United Arab Emirates and an estimation of the candidate.

Do you want to work in the United Arab Emirates? There are many questions: with what to begin, what to do, whom to consult and how to act? In practice everything is easy enough.

If you have made decision to be registered, it is necessary for you:

  • to download and fill APPLICATION FORM. It is necessary to fill all columns even if they seem to you insignificant. Further it is necessary to send the form on the e-mail or to bring to us in our office in digital form;
  • a color photo 3х4;
  • a color full-length photo 9х12.

You can find out the recommendations about filling the form and preparation of photos here
So, the first step to employment completed – we have both your form and request from your prospective employers. 

Step 2. Interview with our representative.

After the form sending call us on skype or by phone. Our employee will answer all your questions and will hold a pre-interview. This is necessary, its principal purpose is to be convinced that the person clearly understands working conditions, the wages etc. Before sending your documents to the employer we need to know that you are ready to be registered in the program, and we need to determine your readiness on the preliminary stage (while handling your documents), but not when you approved by the employer already. Interview usually takes just a few minutes.

Step 3. Interview with the employer.

After our pre-interview your form is sent to the employer for reviewing. If the employer is interested, he holds an interview with Candidates on skype, by phone or (sometimes) in person. Interview is held in English. We prepare each participant of the program for passing interview that you do not make typical mistakes and to improve your chances for success.

Step 4. Receipt of the work contract with the employer.

After well-passed interview the Candidate waits for the original work contract (usually 1 to 3 weeks). Work contracts are sent to our office, and after receiving our employees send their scan copies to candidates on an e-mail for contract reviewing, 24 hours are given for that. Thereafter, if all conditions offered by the employer, are acceptable to the Candidate, he (she) should sign all pages of the work contract, scan them and send back to our office.

After signing the work contract the process of entry visa execution is started.

Step 5. Visa execution.

Usually process of visa execution takes about 2-3 weeks. The employer is occupied with execution of all documents, and all process takes place on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, without involvement of the Candidate. After obtaining the visa the employer buys the air ticket with departure from Kiev (other Ukrainian cities are also available). You can receive the ticket and the visa at our office or via e-mail.Step 6. Departure

After obtaining the Candidate’s visa the employer books a ticket, and the Candidate arrives to the United Arab Emirates where he is met and acquainted with all work details.