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About earnings and career growth in the UAE

Almost 100 % of employers in the United Arab Emirates invite foreigners to work in service sector - waiters, bartender, reception, housekeepers etc. There are also more “respectable” vacancies in service sector, which are rather well paid, for example, Sales Consultants 1500$ + commission +1 % personal sales.

You can find out the wages on some vacancies in the United Arab Emirates in the section "Open vacancies". Many people wrongly suppose that the salary in the United Arab Emirates, for example, in hotels and shopping centers, doesn't correspond to the living standard of this country and is fixed at quite low level. We will help you to understand a payment question in the United Arab Emirates in details and to realize that the level of work compensation in Dubai yields to the index in the USA just a little, where the minimum remuneration of labor  is 7,8 USD per hour or 1500 dollars per month. Read more …

Your wages depends on your position, depending on this circumstance it will be from 350 to 1500$. Also many vacancies provide tips or % from sales. Career growth, and also increment in salary are possible in the United Arab Emirates in process of experience gaining. So, for example, in Dubai a waitresses has the start salary 350-650$ + tips + bonuses, and also free residence and meals. After 1 year of work this waitress’ salary can be increased twice and even more, sure, if she works well. I.e., career growth is possible, basically, on all vacancies.

We will not consider positions with the big salary further because in most cases you can get these positions in the process of career growth, i.e., not from the very beginning.

The total earnings consist of:

  • Wages or basic salary: depending on hotel and vacancy is between 1000 and 2500 UAE dirhams monthly (Front Office, F&B).
  • Additional payment for service: What is it? A client gets a bill in which, besides service cost, % for service is specified. The received total amount is divided among all hotel (restaurant) employees due to the certain formula.
  • Additional payment for knowledge of several foreign languages: is in many hotels (restaurants), but specific conditions can vary and occasionally strongly enough. Some hotels pay extra for knowledge of any foreign language, and some - only for knowledge of some definite, considered the most necessary language for work in this hotel. The amount of additional payment can differs also.
  • Bonuses: are paid for «the best worker of month», «the best worker of year» etc.
  • Tips: this point doesn't need comments.

As a result, earnings consist of basic salary + additional payment for service + tips + other bonuses, depending on hotel.

Sure, career growth is possible in the United Arab Emirates. You can be grown in the hotel, to which you have arrived for work (and there are many such examples) or after the contract termination (usually 1-2 years) you can find a job with bigger earnings, for instance, in boutiques, airlines and in many other companies. The United Arab Emirates — is a region with big needs. The amount of foreigners working in the United Arab Emirates is already estimated in millions. In this case, after the contract termination, you can stay in the United Arab Emirates for 30 days, which you can use for job searches.

Such benefits are guaranteed to you at employment in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Resident Visa, including Stay Permit and Work Permit for 3 years;
  • air ticket to the work place;
  • air ticket back to Ukraine upon termination of the contract;
  • free residence at comfortable apartments, meals, transportation to and from the work place;
  • free uniform and uniform cleaning;
  • full medical insurance according to laws of the United Arab Emirates;
  • possibility of career growth in the United Arab Emirates;
  • paid vacation for 30 days;
  • paid being on the sick-list (up to15 days in a year);
  • training (trainings and courses on the selected position).

If you have made decision to begin job search in the United Arab Emirates, attentively look through the information in the section «Program Stages».