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Earnings in the UAE

Many people wrongly suppose that the salary in the United Arab Emirates, for example, in hotels and shopping centers, doesn't correspond to the living standard of this country and is fixed at quite low level. We will help you to understand a payment question in the United Arab Emirates in details and to realize that the level of work compensation in Dubai yields to the index in the USA just a little, where the minimum remuneration of labor  is 7,8 USD per hour or 1500 dollars per month.

The pictorial scheme for comparing  the social security packets offered in the majority of the world developed countries with offers of employers in the United Arab Emirates by the example of 5* hotel network Hyatt in Dubai is presented below.

Thus, workers of hotel sector in the United Arab Emirates receive basic salary which can seem small at first sight, and also many other benefits: free residence, including utilities, meals, the medical insurance, transport, a work permit, air tickets and so forth. In addition to basic salary, most of employers pays bonuses (service charge, bonuses, up-sale bonuses), and also essential additional earnings are available on some positions (bartender, waiter, porter, headwaiter, hostess) in the form of tips which are to be left in all hotels, restaurants and bars in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, it is necessary to consider that there are no taxes in the United Arab Emirates and due to it all earned money without any takeouts remain at the worker’s disposal. Within simple counting and transferring of this social security package into cash equivalents it turns out that the employer gives benefits to each employee for minimum of 1400 US dollars: 300 salary, 350 residence, 250 meals, 200 transport, 300 insurance. And it is only the start, lowest position with the further perspectives and possibilities of promotion which are present in the hotel and trade business in the United Arab Emirates due to the dynamic development of these branches.

One has to pay residence, transport, and the medical insurance, to buy products and to pay income tax from the salary of 1500 dollars in any other country. As a result, after all expenses, no more than 300-400 dollars remain at your disposal.